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  • What others are saying about Dutch Dragonfly!

  • "My husband and I buy soap from Dutch Dragonfly when we are running low. We have splurged and have hand lotion and a mens shave kit for my husband. It is wonderful! Scent is amazing and for someone who is scent sensitive the smells aren’t too strong, just the right amount!"

    - Kassie Moise

    Men's Shave Soap 
  • We were gifted a soap and its been a family favorite since received. The scent is mild and fresh, it leaves hands feeling soft, not dry at all and its lasted over 2 months. Will definitely be buying in the future!

    - Meghan Davis

    Body Soap Selections 
  • These products are amazing! My skin is softer than it has been for years. Also being a senior I have had the age related problem of loosing my hair. What was once full and thick is now flat and thin. I started using the solid shampoo, now my hair is growing and much healthier than it has been in years. Thankyou Dutch Dragonfly!!!

    - Judy Boneschansker

  • Met the fine folks at Dutch Dragonfly at a show in New Liskeard. We got three of their soaps, tho I'll be honest I can't recall the name. One of them recommended ones had granulars in the soap and it was recommended it was great for removing difficult stains from your hands. After working on my car they were right it worked GREAT switching from orange glow to this soap!!! Very knowledgeable folks at Dutch dragonfly!

    - Zak Gabriel

    Dirty Pilot 
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What is so good about birch sap? Why do you use it in all of your products?

  • Photo credit https://www.ontario.ca/document/forest-resources-ontario-2016/white-birch-betula-papyrifera

    We have been asked this question a lot lately. Aside from aiding in an absolutely amazing lather for our soaps, there are a number of other good reasons why we use it.

    Birch sap has been proven to reduce inflammation, purify and moisturize skin, provide amino acids, mineral, enzymes, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins that are all beneficial for your skin.

  • Photo Credit: A tapped birch tree. (Grasley's Ontario Birch Syrup/Facebook)

    Birch Sap Chemistry

    Getting into the science of it, birch sap molecules are very small, which allows the skin to absorb it more effectively. It is also very rich in amino acids, sugars and minerals. This aids in moisture retention and the oil/moisture balance. This particular sap also includes niacinamide (vitamin B3), which will help balance your complexion, brighten your skin and stimulate cell turnover. The amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and antioxidants serve to strengthen the skin's barrier function, improve texture and protect the skin from environmental factors. The reduction in inflammation makes the use of birch sap beneficial for those who have acne prone, sensitive or irritated skin as well.

  • Photo Credit: Heather Brunet - April 17, 2022

    Where do we harvest our sap?

    The birch sap we use in our products is harvested from trees on our Northern Ontario property each spring.

  • Photo Credit: Heather Brunet

    Preparing and Canning the Sap

    We boil off the impurities and then filter it, before canning it into one litre mason jars.

    Each year we can at least 60 litres of sap, so that there is enough stored up for everything we need to make for a year. We want to provide all of the skin loving benefits of the sap, without compromising our quality.