Time to Pamper Yourself!

We all know that self care is so important. That is why we decided to formulate the following products, so that even in the simplest form, you can pamper yourself. We have seven different flavours of lip balms, eleven different fragrances of bath bombs, bubble bath powder, lotions and shower steamers.  

Our lip balms have been formulated so that they don't leave a sticky residue on your lips, and will absorb quickly, giving your lips the moisture they so often need in extreme weather. 

Our bath bombs all have epsom salts in them, so they will aide in relaxation, while you have a hot bath. Formulated with the use of birch sap and light oils, they will also leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Our bubble bath powder, called Fizzy Windmill Shavings, is a special formulation giving you the essence of a bubble bath.  To use them you simply put a small amount under running water and then agitate the water to bring up the bubbles.  As the bubbles settle and pop, you can agitate again.  These make a beautiful accent when used with our bath bombs.

Our lotions are great for both hands and body, made with ingredients that will leave your skin soft and supple. The oils in our lotions won't leave your skin feeling greasy after using them.

Finally, our shower steamers have been specially formulated for those times when you feel like a little aromatherapy is necessary in the shower, when you are feeling under the weather. Just set it on the bottom of your shower, outside the stream of the water and allow the menthol to envelop you, helping you breathe a little easier. If there is anything left of your shower steamer, you can pick it up, place it on a well draining soap dish to dry, and use it again at a later time.